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The First Exciting Adventure
Click picture for Synopsis

The second novel in the action adventure series
Click picture for Synopsis

The Exciting Trilogy in the great Adventure Serie
Click on picture for Synopsis

The Fourth Insrtallment in the exciting Series
Click on picture for Synopsis

Click above for full cover & prologue

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Available for download now! - Book V...the latest installment in this exhilarating series is filled to the brim and overflowing with action, suspense,and intergalactic mayhem!  As borders continue to expand and cultures collide, enemies conspire and plot against the Galactic Council in more than one galaxy and two dimensions!

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Author, Poet , Webmaster, Entrepenuer
Robert Lee Joseph
  This site introduces the works of author / poet Robert Lee Joseph and his exciting action-adventure books 'From Here To Everywhere', 'Everywhere and Beyond', 'Everywhere in the Omega Galaxy',  ' Everyhere in the Alpha Dimension', and 'Everywhere Enemies: Foreign and Domestic'.

see other special authors, Robert Hotchkiss, Bob Casey and William Manchee's works below. 
The action-packed 3-in-1 Super Novel is available NOW!
The author stated,"Because of the Rave Reviews , I expect this download version, which encompasses the action of the first three Everywhere Books, will be the basis for  a great movie or TV Series script."......... Click the Pix below to order.
Exciting Actin-packed 3-in-1 Super Novel by Robert Lee Joseph
Click HERE for the latest Reader Reviews.

Internet Special! The Everywhere Trilogy CD, all three
exciting books, for only $19.95. This is a real steal when
compared to the publisher's price of $16.95 per book. 
Press the Trilogy CD Cover below for the
CD internet special. It may not last long.
Limited time bonus Offer: Included with this offer,
Everywhere in the Alpha Dimension, Free! 

From Here to Everywhere by Robert Lee Joseph
ISBN 1-58898-209-2

 From Here To Everywhere
is an exciting odyssey adventure
about how the discovery of
teleportation brings today's world
together in a dramatic fashion,
advancing Earth's leap to the
stars. An ordinary Journalist,
John Royston, is caught in a
scientific experiment gone awry,
or at least not as intended,
and wiinds up in the middle of a
fantastic discovery, startling the
whole world!.
Read the reviews on the 
 Reviews Page Click on picture
for synopsis & Prologue

Everywhere And Beyond
Everywhere and Beyond
ISBN 158898704X
is the exciting action-packed
sequel, where teleportation is
used in an ever-expanding
universe for the advancement
of mankind. Join John and the
rest of the Everywhere characters
as they meet new friends and
encounter devious enemies in
their star quest. The vicious
Spectari attack unsuspecting
planets. The Royston youth
experience a harrowing
experience in outer space.
(Click on picture for synopsis &

Everywhere in the Omega Galaxy
ISBN 158898402

Everywhere in the Omega Galaxy 
Action abounds as the Galactic
Council expands and finds the
tyrannical Spectari wreaking
death and destruction in the
Omega Galaxy. Jonathan Royston
experiences an errant trip through
time and must find a way to return
to the present and his waiting
bride. Young love blossoms,
weddings occur and families
expand in this exciting trilogy,
 'Everywhere in the Omega Galaxy'!


Everywhere in the Alpha Dimension
ISBN 158898-997-6

Action transcends galaxies and even

dimensions in this fourth exciting

installment of the ‘Everywhere

Adventure Series’. Arch Nemesis

Hardison James escapes and causes

problems in more than one galaxy

and two dimensions. Dr. Jenny

Royston Garrett helps the Quorax

and becomes  infected with a deadly

disease and Hank and his Security

team become stranded in the Alpha

Dimension. Meredith Royston with

her children, Amber and Corey are

visiting the Calliope Zoo when the

planet is pulled into the Alpha

Dimension, wreaking death and

destruction on the whole planet.

Can Jenny be saved in time and can the team find a way into the other dimension?

Chantrelle worries about her fiancÚ, Chad, trapped in the Alpha

Dimension with the Galactic Security Team.Find out what happens

in this exciting installment in Everywhere in the Alpha Dimension’.

(Click on picture to order)

New Everywhere Trilogy CD
Internet offer! Only $19.95 for all Four exciting books!

Email orders to robjoseph@email.com

Earth of Fire, Sky of Ice by Robert R. Hotchkiss
ISBN 1-595-20835-5

Robert Hotchkiss has written
two special volumes of an epic
fantasy adventure about the
Shalrodan Saga: During an
Antarctic expedition,
Geologist Gary Krahmer falls
into a fire cave and discovers
that hidden beneath miles of ice
and snow, an entire civilization
once lived and thrived on the
Antarctic continent. Even more
remarkable is the fact a remnant
of that lost civilization, the
Valdrimir, continues to live
beneath the surface in caverns
warmed by geothermal activity.
In the course of living and
working with the Valdrimir,
Gary discovers more than a lost
civilization; he discovers his
own destiny. Robert Hotchkiss is by profession a network
engineer and an accomplished fencer. He was a participant
in the 1994 Goodwill games in St. Petersburgh, Russia.
"Mr.Hotchkiss' detailed descriptions and visualizations are a
true connoiseurs delight..." - Robert Lee Joseph, author
of the Everywhere Book Series. (Click on above picture
to order)

Deadly Distractions by William Manchee
ISBN 1-932475-02-8

"In this latest Stan Turner
Mystery, things are never
quite what they seem. His
hero would do well to keep
in mind Sun Tzu's words:
Keep your friends close
and your enemies even
closer. Manchee's intimate
knowledge of the law shows
through every page,"
- Daniel J. Hale, Agatha
Winner and co-author of the
Red Card, A Zeke Armstrong
 "I would give this book a PG-18
rating due to some language and
sexual situations, otherwise a
great  mystery." Robert Lee Joseph
(Click on picture to order)

The Wanderer
Click picture to order

Bob Casey's 'The Wanderer,
A Poetical Journey' takes
you on a poetical journey of
introspection as well as
offering glimpses of far off
lands. The topics of Life,
The Eternal, Beauty, and Love
are addressed in poetical
form along with explanatory
comments. The final chapter
transports you on a poetical
journey around the world.
Even those who never plan to
leave their easy chairs will
enjoy the poems, comments
and recommendations about
New Zealand, Australia, Bali,
Singapore, and Frankfurt.
As one reader declares, "Bob's
poetry is written for the
common person. You feel better when you are finished.
 It's intelligent, yet soft and honest..."
"I enthusiastically recommend Bob Casey's poetry book,
'The Wanderer'. It is a cornucopia, a virtual feast for the
mind and soul."
 - Robert Lee Joseph, author of the Everywhere Book Series
(Click on picture to order)

William Manchee's latest mystery
Click Picture to order

Black Monday is set in
Dallas during the Savings
and Loan crisis of the late
80's, and features legal
sleuth, Stan Turner and his
partner, Paula Waters. While
Paula defends a man accused
of murdering the chairman of
a failed thrift, Stan searches
for the killer of an old lady
whose estate includes art
treasures stolen by an American
army officer during World War II.

The Summoning by Robert R. Hotchkiss
ISBN 1-595-21199-2
'The Summoning' chronicles the
continuing adventures of
geologist Gary Krahmer during
his time spent with the Valdrimir,
the last remnant of a civilization
that has lived on the Antarctic
continent for over 4,000 years!
This volume details not only
Gary's continuing adventures
that are occurring in present
day, but also shares a most
interesting insight as Gary
relates the valdrimir history
from the time before the great
continental drift southward.
According to the ancients,
these lands were known
as the Shalrodan.
Continue the exciting adventure!
"Mr. Hotchkiss' 2nd book is as good
as the first. I love his visual imagery."
Robert Lee Joseph.(Click on picture to order)
The latest Reviews from some excited fans..
Received 1/21/2011
Hi Rob,

Finally just finished reading book two in the series. All I can say is absolutely fantastic. Truly, thoroughly great read. Your way of peace for mankind of not only this planet but others that may be out there, is totally in line with my way of perceiving it for the future.

Les (Stevens)
On Sun, Dec 26, 2010 at 2:15 AM, Patti Barr <silverdark1@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Rob,
I've read 2 of your Everywhere books so far & am half way through the 3rd. I just had to stop & write to tell you what I think so far...Wow!!
You've done a Fantastic job! Your Characters are well written and very believable. I am an Avid reader and just love Science Fiction, your stories are great. Well thought out plots & a believable storyline as well.
You make it sound like the inventions in your books are just around the corner from being reality.
Please Keep Writing!! I can see many more books in this series with many more Great Adventures for your characters.
I look forward to reading more on the continuing adventures Everywhere!
Patti Barr/SilverDark


"Rob Joseph has taken something that everyone knows about from the Star Trek movies and shows and turned it into a fast paced thrill ride with more twists and turns than a Formula 1 race track.  Joseph's story of the development of teleportation technology is a unique idea that not only brings a fascination to his story but makes you want to go back and watch Captain Kirk and all of the old Star Trek episodes again just to see it

work." - Ernie Dempsey, High School Counselor.

“They're here - my books!  Thank you so much!   I have just read the prologue and first three pages.  Why, oh why, these books are not mainstream published  and on every shelf I will never understand!  Never!  The genius of these books  is beyond my pitiful ability to express.  That's all I can write . . .  Everywhere in the Alpha Dimension awaits!

 Kudos to Michael for the breathtaking jacket design on 4. In fact, on all 4  books.   What a talent!  Now when someone gets smart enough to  publish all your  books, hopefully they will also be smart enough to hire Michael for their  design work.

 Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I'm so excited to read . . . . .       Rob,  I hate to mention this just as you have published Book IV BUT . . . what will  I do when the last page is read? . . . .   Begin with Everywhere and Beyond  again and relive the whole adventure!” Angie Turbak – Fuquay Varina, North Carolina

Review..."I love the fast pace of  "From Here To Everywhere". The characters are strong and vivid. I dove right into the pages and stayed until the last word. Then for days I carried the story around in my head, wishing I could be teleported to the store... the other side of the world. Magnificent!''  -     Diane Batten        Author of the Books of Pal-Li

"A great read for Sci-Fi fans of all ages
I really enjoyed this book. I have always wondered how they discovered the transporter beams that they use in most of the Sci-Fi shows, and this book tells the tale. It has a lot of great action, adventure, humor and romance. I would best discribe it is high tech Sci-Fi with a bit of an old fashioned, classic feel to it. It is reminiscent of the some of the early and original classic Sci-Fi masters like Anderson and Bradbury."
- Robert R. Hotchkiss, Author of Earth of Fire, Sky of Ice
"Rob, You really hit your stride with this book('Everywhere in the Omega Galaxy'). I think every book has drawn me a little deeper into the families and lives of the people you have brought to life. This is the best one yet and I am looking forward to the next one. The technology is there with just a hint of something beyond this world that we know. You have captured the essence of each different planet and made the readers want to know them better and understand them more. I like the fact you have let the families grow and develop throughout the three books. I was just waiting for that first interplanetary marriage and I like who you chose to be the first. It flowed so well and you made sure the reader was involved in the book."-Dave Bledsoe, Retail store manager  Read more reviews on the Reviews Page
'Plastic Gods' by William Manchee - Love, greed and revenge fuel this raging thriller about the evil spawned by the Plastic Gods we love and cherish. (Click on below picture to order)

Plastic Gods by William Manchee
ISBN 1-929976-23-2

Wisdom from the Journey
By Bob Casey

Wisdom from the Journey takes the reader on an odyssey that includes original poetry and thoughtful comments on life.  Based upon reader recommendations and the author’s personal favorites, this book is a compilation of the “best” of the Poetical Journal, a monthly newsletter that is sent to thousands of subscribers worldwide.  Through poetry, personal and guest vignettes, comments, and recommendations, Bob captures the reader’s imagination as he tackles subjects from peace, spirituality, youth, aging, and love.  Yes, even a few travel and restaurant recommendations are thrown in as a bonus. 

In the opening chapter, Bob states, “My wish is that this reading journey will provide you with a bit of respite from everyday life, generate a few laughs, cause good feelings about yourself and humanity, encourage introspection, and at certain times twinge your conscience on critical issues and thoughts.  Upon reading the last page, I hope you will smile and say, That felt good!

An Oasis in a Cluttered World
By Bob Casey

 In summary, An Oasis in a Cluttered World speaks to a mystical, quiet place where water for the soul is plentiful and the extreme heat of the desert and the blast furnace of sand no longer scorch and beat upon you

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